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Cross-ocean hang gliding XOHG is mostly project. There has been some flights from one land mass to another land mass while crossing over a part of an ocean; that is a start. But the future may hold much more than such kind of hang gliding. Consider a flight session that lasts over months with "landings" only on the ocean surface while the pilot sleeps, farms, fishes, hydrates, etc. without seeing land during the months. Such XOHG project invites all comers to grow the capabilities and solutions for safe success of such flying adventure. The XOHG pilot launches via one or more methods and soars further only then to return to the ocean's surface. XOHG could be for a short task done in sub-day range or an extended period of months or longer. Single pilots or groups of pilots could choose to do XOHG.

Why XOHG ??

  • Because it is there!
  • Big LZ !!!
  • Big air !!!
  • High technical challenge play space.

Mixed disciplines

Compromised sections to XOHG include launching methods. One point of view aims to improve the health of the ocean during the XOHG. For example, while at sea in XOHG session, collect floating trash and convert such into system-helpful parts or fuel; grab that floating plastic and use the sun focused on it to mold a sail-repair patch or insulator for a capacitor or a repair on a float. Use pilot muscle power and sun energy to charge a launching system. Etc.