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This wiki will be the table of contents for the project of examining GH statements. Much of the present matter will be split to files that dedicate to each particular statement in focus. So, there will be growth of this wiki into branched files. Editors are to place comments in the attending branched sub-topic.

  • Introduction
After being influenced by the Igor Bensen technology (John flew rotary-wing kite-glider before he did his kiting with the Rogallo-leadership-influenced Paresev-echoing kite) (Igor had the TCF with tensionally-hung pilot behind TCF in kite-glider in 1953) flows and behind the Australian Mike Burns NASA flows in four-boom simple kite-glider (which included echo of the at-least-by-1908 hang glider control system) John began tinkering in 1963 with the already-in-Australia technology (besides already around-the-world-for-over-50-years well-known four-boom flexible-wing kite structure) and flew one of his kites using a single ski on his feet while being towed behind a boat. Building something that was wholly mechanically a done deal by others does not give valid invention credit. The delightful favorite-son nationalistic story of "inventor" being sculpted by GH has brought out a robust story seasoned with many untenable exclamations that entertain and spice our hang glider literature that may be overcome by someone applying critical thinking while facing the fullness of kiting history. Eventually the Mike Burns prefacer helped John make about sixty kites for others. Again, making kites does not win global invention of the mechanicals that had been extant for a 100 years priorly; systems of respect for mechanical inventors would deeply be wounded if every following maker was "the" global inventor. Let GH and JD believe any manner of exclamation in a joyful party. But be prepared to protect merit-based valid global mechanical invention in order to encourage future inventors in our sport. Help develop the timeline at Invention of hang gliders, a collaborative hang gliding community wiki.
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