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The APCO Cloud Chaser is a full face airsports helmet. It is certified to the EN 966 standard. According to the manufacturer, "The helmet is manufactured using carbon fiber/kevlar technology, from hand laid fiberglass." I will gather from that confusing statement that the helmet is of hand lay up construction, using carbon fiber, kevlar, and fiberglass. The materials used and finish appear to be top notch.

My size large (59-60) helmet weighs 1.55 lbs (700g). This helmet is very popular among pilots who learned at Lookout Mountain Flight Park, as it is reasonably priced, and seems to fit lots of people's heads. It is quiet at Falcon speeds, and has enough ventilation to keep your head cool. There is no visor available, so it is probably not the best helmet for winter use. In the U. S., it is available in white, silver and grey.

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