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If you have ever wondered about the quality of manufactured HG cables, you can obtain a GO Gauge, to check the compression of your NICO cable sleeves, from most aircraft supply houses. They cost about five to ten US dollars. A GO gauge is usually included with a new NICO-press crimping tool.

Beyond a GO-gauge, there actually IS a GO-NOGO gauge. If the crimped NICO fits in the GO slot, that's fine, as far as it goes. If the crimped NICO then fits in the NOGO slot, which is smaller, then the crimped NICO is over-crimped; the cable is now damaged inside the NICO, and you just produced a bit of trash. Cut off the bad cable end, calibrate your crimper to specs, and start over.

Another important point: GO and NOGO gauges measure across both cable diameters -->OO<-- and not the short way -->8<-- This dimension is most important, on cables with NICO sleeves.

Every HG club should have a GO gauge, if not a GO-NOGO gauge, and pass it around to the members. It takes only a minute or two, to check your glider. Even the manufacturers can skip a step, sometimes.