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Bermuda Petrel (Pterodroma cahow) Thought extinct, it surfaced again. Legendary extinct bird was not extinct!

Possible mascot for members of HGAA. The option has been entered to the HGAA Transition Team on July 12, 2010. Perhaps HGAA could do something for the Cahow Recovery Project.



  • Artificial burrows.
  • Ghost bird
  • Highly pelagic
  • David B Wingate
  • Range
  • Sea
  • Hatching: 51 days to hatch
  • Monica Ann "Anita" Wingate died in 1973.
  • Jeremy Madeiros
  • Loss of habit by hurricanes
  • Bermuda hit by Fabian
  • Nonsuch Island hmmmmm????
  • Translocation and getting imprinted with the new nest site.
  • Hardiness with odds against its survival, setting example for the rest of the world.
  • Deep burrows.
  • Fourteen chicks from the translocated burrows. LIKE THE TRANSITION TEAM OF HGAA.
  • Guided by the stars to return to their nesting burrows.
  • Cahow Recovery Project
  • "There is little doubt that the species would have become extinct without a long-term recovery program and many of the management techniques developed for the Cahow are proving important in other recovery programs for related seabirds in other countries. The Cahow has become a well-known symbol of hope for critically endangered species around the world, and with the first nesting back on Nonsuch Island, the potential for continued recovery has never looked brighter."