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Front (homemade)Receiver Mount Rack

by CHassan

With glider.jpg

A fairly simple and straight forward set up. You need a bit of angle iron and 2 sizes of tube. One that will fit snug into the other.

Bumper bracket.jpg

We drilled some holes in 2" angle iron to bolt to the bumper. A 1 1/4" sqr tube would be the receiver for the rack. (All that x2)

We cut a hole in the plastic grill, just big enough to let the receiver poke out. It stuck out just far enough to drill and pin the whole thing. (You might notice I went fancy with the paint. Used black metallic that almost comes close to matching my car's paint, and you might be able to tell that if the car was remotely clean.)

Recv pins.jpg

The rack is a pretty simple goal post, with a 2" angle iron top surface. I know it will support 210lbs bouncing on the lower cross member. It has almost no lateral sway, and just a hint of for and aft play. One well crafted piece of hardware there!


By we I mean Rick Mullins and Carl Bauknecht. (They both built Oshkosh Grand Champion Light Sport Airplanes.) Can't go wrong with these two!