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In hang gliding there are at least two references for autogyro hang gliders (AGHG):

  • 1. Foot-launch tow-assisted autogyro hang gliding has occurred successful by at least one participant. Video in YouTube. Gyro Hang Glider Tow

There also has been some yet-to-really glide efforts for foot-launch running-down-slope autogyro hang gliding attempts. A window of opportunity drives continued interest. 1982 effort: AutoGiro as Hang Glider? Stephan Nitsch

  • 2. In hang gliding broadly interpreted Igor Bensen seems to be very important in many ways, of course, but particularly in his historical early 1950s use of the triangle control frame (TCF) that he set in front of himself as he tensionally hung behind that round-cornered TCF during tow and during release from tow for gliding beneath his wing (rotary choice). That use of the TCF instantiated the mechanics of other overhead control sticks and frames that effected pressing the pilot's hung mass in altered position relative to the wing used (weight-shift control); in 1887 Beeson's patent instruction understood the control method; in 1908 in a gliding club in Breslau, such TCF cable-stayed with pilot hung behind the TCF was installed in a club's hang glider (photograph persists). The Bensen TCF received other morphs into just an overhead stick, sometimes with an inverted T lower basebar handlebar for convenience, etc.

AutoGyro Hang Glider Timeline

  • 1950s: Igor Bensen
  • 1982: Stephan Nitsch
  • 1990s? Russian "Shumeyko built this gyro glider in the early 90's" (Not yet verified name, place, time)
  • 2010: This wiki on topic, June 29.

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