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From this thread, GTPowell writes:

Hey guys, a word of caution.

There are several of these bed extender racks on the market. But, there is only one made in the US and the US manufactured one is the only one worth buying. It is about $180. The other ones are manufactured in 3rd world countries and are not worth the cardboard box it arrived in. These cheep imitations are available on eBay, Harbor Freight, Amazon and more. If you decide to purchase one, be sure you are purchasing the unit made here in the US. I bought the imitation, paid extensive freight charges to get it here, and basically, threw the thing in the trash. Total piece of Junk. The wing wobbled as mush as 10" side to side and several inches front to back. The height adjustment is limited so you end up bowing your wing when you place it on top of this rack and the vehicle’s factory rack. I have extensive fabrication skills and began to improve the unit, but eventually decided my time was more valuable. I built my own rack from scratch in not much more time and I’m far more pleases. The last thing I would do with my $3500 glider is entrust this rack to keep it safe and secure on my vehicle.