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Thank you Rob McKenzie.As glider zippers wear, they usually wear the pull (the slider mechanism with the little handle)more than the zipper itself.Continuing to use a sticky zipper will ruin the entire zipper by prematurely wearing out the plastic teeth. Replacing a 75-cent pull, however, is fast, easy and can breath new life into an old zipper. Using a seam ripper or razer blade, carefully cut the stitching that holds the zipper at the end of the bag and slide off the old pull. Work a new pull onto the zipper, keeping both zipper ends even. You will instantly the ease with the new pull slides! Secure the cut zipper ends with a plastic zip tie. There is no need to resew the bag stitching as it usually won't unravel further. The most common zipper pull size is #10, available at fabric stores.Rob claims that he replaces at least one zipper pull a week at his home site of Andy Jackson Flight Park in Southern Cali. and can accomplish the task in as little as five min. He adds that newer Wills Wing bags don't even need the stitching cut for zipper pull replacement.