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2hours - no goal

Mon May 17, 2010 5:41 am

So after another month of no flying I was able to get out and set up. The day least I'm out and the sun is shining. The forecast was moderate, but the recent rains, soggy ground, high cirrus clouds, and feelings in general, left me thinking it would be a weak to mild day. Yes my expectations were not very high.

Eric P and I came up with a 38 mile triangle to run. OK I came up with it and Eric said sure why not! Larry W never said he was going but I thought he might. Larry B of course was set to go downwind only.

The gaggle of Atos gliders went first. 3 stuck before I started getting ready. I went up after the 4th and magically stuck with them. I didn't expect to since none of them had been zooming skyward. Eric was already up and we waited around for Larry and Larry. I was treating the town of Darbyville as my start circle. (Like I have a clue what that even means!)
We waited around until the gang was all there. Larry W the last one coming up. I called for a start and Eric decided again, "why not". Larry B had already started, and Larry W turned to another gaggle in the opposite direction to get a little more height before heading out. What a leader I am!

Larry, Eric, and I headed out searching for some lift. I think we found one thermal and climbed a bit. The next one I found 350 up at one point and Eric found the same nearby. After about 2 turns it dissipated and we all searched but could not find it.

We all went into panic search mode. Each doing what they do best. Eric leisurely searching the county for lift in his Atos. Larry zooming off in his T2. I floundered not sure where to go, or if I should just give up.

Larry called over the radio he was going in. For some reason that made me decide to not give up and I came up with a plan of action. Check the treeline downwind, farm house, then 3 fields over to the large barns and gravel pit. OK I was under 1000' and had no time to spare.

Luckily the treeline worked and at 600-700' over the trees I found solid lift and started working my way back up. Reaching the top I saw Eric a few miles out on course and turning. I bolted for him but came in low and couldn't find a handle on what he had. When he said he was only getting 0 sink, I knew I was to late.

Off in the distance I could see about a dozen buzzards turning over a small green patch. Thinking I had a no brainer I ran for it. Only to arrive as a dozen buzzards scattered into the four winds.... SON OF A......

I looked all over for something to be going up, and again thought oh well it was fun. Until I hit 1000' again. Then I came up with a plan. I headed to another set of barns with a large parking area, just past that to the town, another tree line. Eric tried to help by calling me over to him with a promise of 300fpm up. Had I been another 1000' higher I may have had a chance, but just above the tree tops I found nothing.

I picked out a field, called in my landing, and settled in nice and easy.

I didn't get far, maybe 12 miles. Thanks to the staging and waiting for the others, I did get just over 2 hours out of it. Eric went on to tag the first turn point, 13 miles out, and headed back to the field, skipping the 2nd turn point. Larry B landed about 2 miles behind me, and Larry W passed over my head for another 10 miles.

Meanwhile back at the field everyone who tried to soar did, and the students spent the day getting their fulfillment of scooter tows.

I hope next weekend allows for another good day of flying. I am heading to the Midwest HG Comp the following week and would really like another flight or so before that.

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Good read man, thanks.
I'm early in my XC career, but I think I'm learning that birds are mostly idiots!
Actually not really, they can just climb in the tiniest stuff when they're in survival (staying up) mode. Smile
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