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Started the year this weekend.

Mon Mar 22, 2010 5:35 am

I played skipped out of work Last Friday. the forecast was blah, but our forum banter and lack of airtime, won out and I bailed for the field.
The plan was to meet up at the airstrip, and check the conditions. If the winds looked right in speed and direction,we would pack up and head to the ridge. It was borderline. A phone report from a pilot at the ridge said conditions were ok for launch, but to light for soaring. We decided to stay at the airstrip and get some scootering in.
First pilot up caught a nice thermal to around 3500, but the drift was pretty bad. I launched and found lift to about 2200, but the first pilot and I were soon on the ground. I don;t know if it was the fact I had had nothing to eat, airsickness, or what, but I got pretty sick and that ended my flying for the day.
Sat I felt better and wanted to prove to myself I didn't develop any kind of motion sickness, or other ailment that would hinder my flying. The wind was still brisk, but the clouds looked inviting. I took 4 tows, never finding much more than a single beep from my vario. I felt pretty good, so far, and decided to test for motion/ airsickness. I released my last tow and yanked on some VG. Pointed the nose down and let rip with some wing overs. I have to say they felt like the most solid ones I have done. I finished off with a great landing next to the hangers.
Looking forward to the Demo Days. Hoping the forecast I've seen change before the weekend!

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Yay Yay Yay
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Get u sum you work skipper. LOL
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