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Mon Jul 13, 2009 7:21 am

I was up in Whitewater WI over the 4th of July. Managed to get in a couple flights, but was only able to extend both ever so slightly.
Yesterday I woke up to a fantastic forecast. XC skies and RUC was saying 5k with 500-600fpm updraft. Winds from the ground to cloudbase, 10mph.
I ate and packed my gear in my car, then checked the weather again. There was a big change as it was now calling for 25mph at cloudbase, but still light winds on the ground. The B/S ratio was 6-7 still so I was thinking it should still be good.
I left for the field, and set up while the clouds were building. Winds on the ground were getting a bit stiff and the clouds littered the sky. While they were plentiful, the shapes were ragged and poorly formed.
I decided to play dummy (not hard to do) and jumped in for a tow. There was some texture, but mostly turbulence. At 1800' I decided I would release at the next thermal. I watched the tug and followed behind him as were crossed the sky. I kept waiting, and waiting for the tell tail pop, but I hit 3200' and still the tug and I were level.
We neared a cloud, and I went ahead and pinned in case someone else was waiting below. I was about a mile and a half crosswind from the field, but I pushed farther to get where the lift should have been if the cloud was working. It wasn't and I was a bit worried about reaching the field in the heavy drift.
About half way back I hit buoyant air, and even made a few turns in just over 100fpm up. It was broken and I couldn’t' stay with it well enough to commit downwind. I pulled VG and pushed on over the field. Checked north and south and it wasn't until I headed over the tree line in the middle I hit something. Climbed from 1500' back up to 2k but was drifting to fast. The lift just wasn't solid or strong enough for me to go, so I opted to head back up wind. I found nothing and came in for a nice and easy landing not far from the "glider pits". I tied her up and waited to see if the day would get better. One other pilot attempted to go, and was soon down.
By 4 o'clock I gave up on the day as 4 others failed to stick.

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Gee, you should have made a road trip to central NYS. Yesterday, we had over 20 pilots (typically 6 - Cool flying all day at Harris Hill (near Elmira, NY). Some landing after half an hour but many more getting in excess of 2 hours and at least one getting 3. I got 2:25 for my longest flight this year. Best altitudes were around 4K MSL (above 700 MSL valleys). 3 guys even had short XC flights (but nothing to brag about).

Today and tomorrow are also looking REAL nice, and I'm about to head out right after typing this. You Ohio guys ought to come for a visit some time. thumbsup
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Sorry about the crappy weather during your last time up Craig. We've not had a plethera of bountiful days this year though last weekend I did eek out a couple hours on the new U2.

We need to plan a flying weekend either at WW or WasMar, doesn't really matter to me.

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