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The meet!

Thu Apr 26, 2007 8:55 am

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Well we did it again. This year's Scooter tow comp is over, and was better than last year. With more pilots and better conditions.
I wasn't around a big chunk of the day. I actually was around, but between 2000 and 5000' Mr. Green.

Things below me went well. I forgot the measuring equipment for the bomb drop and spot landings, but we made due with educated guesses, and no one went home mad.

I need to give a huge round of thanks to several people who made it possible.

John Alden our local instructor. First for teaching me to hang glider, and second for towing us and not flying himself. John was one of two scooter operators who spent most of the day at the end of the field running the scooters.

Don Emslie, our second scooter operator. Don spent most of the day on his scooter, neglected. No one thought to ask him if he needed water, or food, we just kept towing, and he just kept towing us! Sorry Don! The icing on the cake was Don wouldn't take money for his operation for the day. Thanks Don!

Tom Primavera, he's not one to pull punches and always keeps sharp objects around incase anyone needs to be poked into action. Tom provided us with 2 beautifull HG pendants. I'll have to post a photo of the one I won Last year. Tom is one of the most enthusiastic members of the club. I swear I heard him while I was at 5000' and 2 miles from the field.

For the second year Wills Wings, and Flytec provided a variety of merchandise to award to our lucky pilots. Every one was happy to go home with either a hat, shirt, jacket, sunglasses, or multiple other items graciously donated by the Wills Wing and Flytec crew. (Thanks Steve and Linda!)

Once the flying began there was very little pause until right about sundown. I don't know how many tows we had, but I'd bet it was a pretty good number.

Next year I hope things will be bigger, better, and even more fun!

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