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Finally flew after an 8 month lay off

Sat May 26, 2007 2:51 pm

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WOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO the drought is over mosh

So after 8 months off due to the off season combined with a streak of injuries from martial arts classes, I finally flew today.

Got to Torrey Pines early, set up, and waited for the wind.

My Topless is still waiting for an a-frame retrofit, so I took my Tandem Falcon (a T2), and flew it solo. What a beast Laughing

Amazingly, It felt like I had never stopped flying. I thought I would feel really rusty like in previous years, but no, I didnt get that at all, it was strange.

I was the only HG there flying with about 20 paragliders Shocked

Now, the falcon is the slowest HG on the planet that is not supposed to be only a trainer like the condor. This one being a T2 tandem falcon, even slower, and im not even heavy enough to fly it solo, technically.

I was still way faster than all the PG's ROFL Is that sad or what?

The funneist moment came when a PG landed in very light scratchy conditions, after a long fight on the golf course, as many PG's went to the beach. He's chatting with a fellow PG and describes how it was so turbulent on the golf course that he was getting wing top collapses.

At this moment I did this on the inside


and thought, dont EVER go fly the mountains if your think a smooth ocean ridge site in light and scratchy conditions was turbulent and caused wing top collapses ahh


All hail hang gliding!

Here is a pic of my T2 Falcon, what a pig Laughing

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