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I got to fly!

Mon Apr 30, 2012 2:52 am

So I hadn't flown since last October or something silly like that. Heck last year I only had about a dozen flights on half a dozen trips to the field. (That includes a week long stay in (not-so) sunny Florida.

Over Easter the guys went out and had some pretty good flying. Even the scooter tow pilots were soaring. Sadly I had family things to attend to and did't get to join them. I've been pushing to fly ever since.

Couple weeks ago I was trying to get enough folks to play hooky midweek, but it didn't happen. One of my sailplane buddies apparently spent 5.5 hours aloft and traveled all over south western Ohio that day.

Weekends have been windy and/or rainy. Sat was another such day. Not to mention cold. Sunday was forecast to be marginal, and marginal it was.

I took an early tow, to make sure I remembered how to do it. A little rough below 1500, but smooth above. Ended up a sledder.

My next one I used another pilot as a marker and was able to work a little bit of lift before the day gave up the ghost and everyone came down.

Not much, but man was it fun!

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Thu Jun 03, 2010 6:47 pm

Thanks for writing man. It's quite enlightening for a newbee. I want to try it out when I get a bit more air time in.



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