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May 28th 2011

Fri May 27, 2011 11:52 pm

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...Iv'e been on a crazy fight for my life,toughest thing Iv'e ever had to go through,I wasn't happy flying a hangglider like a normal pilot, no I had to always show off and push the limits ,and I pretty much got away with it for 23 years ,,some of the most awesome flights,,,Dream like flights,,,,,then one day you wake up in the hospital and cant move anything from the waist down !!! This is a shocking wakeup call and with this pain like you would not think possible to go through and live and this pain lasted over 2 months,, broke my pelvis and a few ribs and my back in five locations and twisted my spinalcord in two locations.after three day I got and operation on my back fusing five vertibray together with titaniom rods and screws, spent five and a half weeks in the hospital doing a crasy hard amount of theripy ----six days a week--6 to 8 hours a day theripy,,This was the hardest toughest crazyest painfullest time of my recovery,,now Iv'e been home for 12 weeks and the pain has now mostly left,but I still cant move my ankles or toes and praying and hoping for them to please come back intime that I dont loose my job and insurance , I need to be back to work by 1-15-2012,,I still go to theripy twice a week in Fresno,and I'm seeing a accupunture twice a week here in Modesto I work out here at home and go for walks.. with a walker and ankle braces,I can now walk about a 1/4 mile without resting,,,I do this almost daily and increase as I can,,ride my exercise bike and can now get upstairs with one hand on the hand rail and one on the wall,,at this point I have made it so far that it looks possable when before it didnt..I OWE MUCH LOVE AND THANKS TO MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS NEW AND OLD & THE DOCTORS, NURSES AND THERIPIST THAT HAVE HELP ME GET HERE,,IT WAS SOMETHING YOU COULDNT MAKE IT THROUGH ALONE,,MY MOM HAS BEEN LIVING WITH AND TAKING CARE OF ME FOR THE LAST 12 WEEKS AND I OWE HER AND GARY EVERYTHING,,,My pilot friend had me a down stairs shower built for me before I ever got hope..It's still a fight everyday but is now getting better, more do able. THANK ALL OF YOU ON THE ORG.... THE SUPPORT WAS UNREAL & VERY MUCH NEEDED IV'E GOT CALLS FOR PILOTS AROUND THE WORLD!

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sunday, april 10th 2011

Sun Apr 10, 2011 10:47 pm

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hello all and sorry for not posting in a while,,,however all is going great and i am improving every week,,this week i am going to get rid of the back brace and also i can get rid of the upper half part of the leg braces,,most all of my pain is just about gone and my legs are no longer like jello,my legs are getting stronger and i can get about 5 miles on the exercise bike in about 15 minutes and can walk about 1,000 feet with the walker,,im also getting to spend alot of time with my exwife and kids and loving every minute of it,,,i dont have any plans of getting back into the air again although i feel blessed with the 23 years of flying i have had and still looking forward to see my many friend fly,,i did go up to mcclure this saturday and had a great time watching everyone get awesome cloud flights,,thank everyone for all the help and best wishes,,

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wed. march, 16th 2011

Wed Mar 16, 2011 7:58 pm

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hello all ,,i have been doing good with the theripy,,,on tuesday when i was there in fresno i lucked out and they gave me a wall mount workout station to take home with me,,it;s the same one i;v been working out my upper body for the last five weeks at theripy,,only now i will be able to use one in my own living room,,it would be exspensive if i had to buy it but they were cleaning house and they couldn't really give it to me ,,,you know liability....but they did let me know when it would be sitting next to the trash bin out back.....yaaaaa......i have also been doing some more walking with the walker at home with my mom following me with the wheelchair....good i lost my balance and fell back...softly into the wheelchair,,, Shocked i said sorry and thank shower is great!!! is good and my exwife is coming back to spend this weekend with me Razz drool popcorn

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Sat. March, 12th 2011

Sat Mar 12, 2011 10:09 pm

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Yes I like the leg braces, they are more comfortable and look cleaner than what i thought they would....i can ware them under or over my pants...I had a good time Friday ,,my ex came over ,,we went out to eat then watched a couple movies and she stayed the night and let my mom go home for a rest,,,getting a divorce may have been the biggest mistake of my life,,anyway i am still blessed to have her i my life,,,I have now been able to get in some walking at home with the leg braces and the walker...went shopping today at Walmart with my mom,,good to get out of the house ..Dan Veniman came by today to mow the grass in the backyard,,thanks Dan...and i have been getting some good use of my new showwer,,,,thank you all!! Razz

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tuesday,march 8th 2011

Tue Mar 08, 2011 9:52 pm

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Hello all ,,I had a long day today ,but all went well,,,,my mom drove me to freson to get my new leg braces,,,,,finnally,,,,after they spent two and a half hours trimming and fitting them and adding the strapps ,,we went to my second day at out patiant theripy ,,it was a 2 hour theripy,,but only an hour and a half after being late getting the braces,,,,i braces fit very well and make it much more easy for me to walk and stand,,these are going to jump start where im trying to get to,,also got to try out the new electrode bike at the theripy place,,,,it was alot more shocking than what i had amagained,but it dose work!!they hook up electrodes to my legs and butt and as it shocks me it makes me peddle the bike,,,,it give me a good workout but it also is constantly shocking the s*** out of me in 8 places at the same time!! oh,,ya ,,my mom is a good cook and yes i do need to watch how much im eating now,,,,I go back to theripy on thursday,,but with the leg braces,,im going to be able to get in some time with the walker here at home.....

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