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The Org, version 2.0

Tue Jun 02, 2009 9:34 am

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Blogging to keep track of some stuff
This new tab/modular approach will allow me to move forward with a cleaner interface and new functionality
Got to rebuild the foundation before I start the real new stuff

So far....

1. Got the tabs working almost everywhere
2. Updated to latest version of the WIKI
3. 6 hours of work trying to get the damn wiki to show tabs...what a nightmare... still going...

Other to do.... replace the default home page with a summary/home tab. Which gives quick summaries of everything that has recently changed on the site.
Then have separate more advanced views for all the individual tabs. The new tab will be similar to the old home page that showed the forum and blog entries, but will add latest pics, and other stuff.

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More snow in Raleigh

Mon Mar 02, 2009 8:17 am

[  Mood: Amused ]

So weird... we almost never get snow in NC. I told my girlfriend not to expect any when we move here. Then of course we get hit by 2 snow events. Here are some pics from today


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Thu Dec 04, 2008 6:08 pm

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Update post.

I retract all support for Bob K.
Bob K went off the deep end during the HGAA fiasco, alienated a huge number of supporters, including me, and has been lying and slandering me for months.

Bob K was voted out of the Hang Gliding Association of America forum by *the members of the transition team*.

He was banned from the Oz Report forum for constant rule violations.
He was banned from for constant rule violations.

Bob K also committed voter fraud during the HGAA election and we have all the evidence documented.
His buddy Scott then turned around a lied to the public claiming that I committed voter fraud. Laughable. We have Bob K's private messages asking me to change people votes.

After starting his own forum to attack the people who voted him out, and his constant slandering, the old hawks forum was shut down and a counter message posted in response to Bob K's lies and distortions.

Bob K is the only person to ever be recalled as a United States HangGliding Paraglider Association Regional Director. An embarrassing defeat.

Anyone who even begins to listen to his nonsense needs to ask themselves the question why every reasonable person who has ever dealt with Bob to any extent will no longer speak or deal with him anymore.

With Bob, its always 100% Bobs way, or the highway. His warped sense of reality is difficult to fathom.

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Custom blog headers

Sat Sep 20, 2008 9:18 am

Spent an hour hacking this crappy blog code.
People can how use their own graphic for the header for their blogs mosh

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Got my new rowing machine

Tue Jan 29, 2008 10:37 am

[  Mood: In Love ]

Got my new rowing machine yesterday.
I needed something to stay in shape for the winter to get ready for the ski season, the flying season and my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes.

This machine kicks ass mosh Its the Concept2 model D.

Right out of the box it was 95% assembled.
I usually dread putting anything together because it usually comes with about 300 bolts and a 30 page assembly manual. puke

This puppy came in 2 BIG parts, and 3 bars that make up the legs on one end.
8 bolts total and a hex tool that comes with it is all you need.

Bolt two support legs into the base with 4 bolts - 5 minutes.
Then bolts the assembly to the under side with four more bolts - 5 minutes - AND YOUR DONE.

VERY EASY!!! Very clean. Very simple design.
9.8/10 on assembly.

You can recognize quality as soon as you see it.
This thing is nice and beefy, gym quality, and the engineering on it is very clean.
Its amazingly quiet. I watched some TV during my first row and you dont have to turn the sound way up or anything thumbsup

The computer on it is cool and easy to use without having to read a manual. Im still playing with it looking at all the options but man, it has some really nice features.

You can measure yourself, by time, by calories, strokes per minute (hahaha), and most importantly by WATTS!!! Super competitive athletes used to train by heart rate, which is still a great way to beat your best, but energy output is all that matters in the end.

It also has a pace boat you can race against on the screen and a bunch of other live bar charts and stuff you configure the way you want.

But one of the features that caught my attention was the "re-row".
You can race against yourself, against your previous performance with a touch of a button. So you can incrementally improve each time or at least match yourself.

It comes with a memory card you slide into the computer to track about 300 workouts.

But screw that... you should see the software you can use with it. You can attach it to the computer and you can race against 3D opponents on the screen (my 50" HDTV in front of me mosh) , or against other live people on the internet to keep you motived. Pretty crazy Shocked I havent tried that out yet, too lazy to grab one of my computers and stick it in the living, etc Laughing

Did a warm up row of 3600 meters for starts to prevent myself from over doing the first night and getting so sore I cant move Laughing

So far.... so good thumbsup I hope this allows me to get my cardio in check so I can have more fun doing the sports I love Mr. Green

You can even race against other rowers in organized races across the internet, how cool is that?
This guy nearly kills himself racing a 2K race on the highest resistance setting faint


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Testing new software deployment system

Sat Nov 03, 2007 10:20 pm

Just making sure blog posts work.

Please report any new bugs you find!

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Damn spammers

Fri Oct 26, 2007 1:35 pm

[  Mood: Angry ]
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Im so sick of robots signing up to the website so they can spam it. Of course, have lots of anti-spam software, so they just sign up, and then are stuck doing nothing. But a tiny percentage get thru and its annoying having no idea what percentage of the new members are real people.

Today I solved that problem by installing some new software that makes you PROVE you are human when you register.

It shows you 25 little pictures in 5 rows, of either kitty cats or cars Laughing

You have to check off which pics are cats or you cannot register. Pretty sweet. mosh

It will be interesting to see how many REAL people sign up each month from now on. November will give me the TRUE sign up numbers for the first time ever. mosh


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Finally flew after an 8 month lay off

Sat May 26, 2007 2:51 pm

[  Mood: Happy ]

WOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO the drought is over mosh

So after 8 months off due to the off season combined with a streak of injuries from martial arts classes, I finally flew today.

Got to Torrey Pines early, set up, and waited for the wind.

My Topless is still waiting for an a-frame retrofit, so I took my Tandem Falcon (a T2), and flew it solo. What a beast Laughing

Amazingly, It felt like I had never stopped flying. I thought I would feel really rusty like in previous years, but no, I didnt get that at all, it was strange.

I was the only HG there flying with about 20 paragliders Shocked

Now, the falcon is the slowest HG on the planet that is not supposed to be only a trainer like the condor. This one being a T2 tandem falcon, even slower, and im not even heavy enough to fly it solo, technically.

I was still way faster than all the PG's ROFL Is that sad or what?

The funneist moment came when a PG landed in very light scratchy conditions, after a long fight on the golf course, as many PG's went to the beach. He's chatting with a fellow PG and describes how it was so turbulent on the golf course that he was getting wing top collapses.

At this moment I did this on the inside


and thought, dont EVER go fly the mountains if your think a smooth ocean ridge site in light and scratchy conditions was turbulent and caused wing top collapses ahh


All hail hang gliding!

Here is a pic of my T2 Falcon, what a pig Laughing

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Damn spammers!

Fri Feb 16, 2007 4:04 pm

[  Mood: Angry ]
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I just delete 733 entries of SPAM in my shout box cuss cuss cuss

Ive turned off my shoutbox now.

Will have to make this mandatory in the future, and blow away all shouts.

Thanks again you spamming ASSH***S!!!!! punch

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Bug fixes

Wed Jan 24, 2007 6:43 am

[  Mood: Amused ]
[ Working Currently: Working  ]
Uploaded the mood icons for the blogs.

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