Hang Gliding Videos

Hang Gliding 2018

Hang Gliding 2018

Launching into Fall at Crested Butte

A series of launches off of the 11,200′ msl launch ramp on Crested Butte Mountain during the autumns of 2015 to 2018. Even the walk to the launch ramp is scenic, the action starts at 0:35. Wrecking, ah I mean, reckon there will be a high elevation (9000′ msl), POV landing series to follow? Stay tuned. This is an advanced H4, P4 launch site administered by the Crested Butte Soaring Society. You must be with a guide pilot to launch here, pilots check out the Crested Butte Soaring Society facebook page to learn more. Launch into more rigid wing hang glider action here, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4BQ… .

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Best fall colors of the season

Best fall colors of the season. We climb thousands of feet above Mount Crested Butte with our paragliding friends. Then head out for a tour of the valley and cruise over Elk Ave. before landing at the Town Ranch. Hey Mike B in Florida this fella in the take down area says he kitesurfs with ya.


Fall Flight with Friends over Crested Butte

Colorful fall thermal climb with Scott and Bo to 15,300′. Check out the orange aspens by Gothic Peak, let’s go there! Back at the Butte Jeff and John join the fun. High altitude HG landing tip: Pull on extra speed, level out in ground effect 5′ agl, let glider slow to trim speed, as soon as you start to lose altitude FLARE. Use little to no flaps landing a rigid wing at altitude. That’s 120 lbs of gear settling gently on my shoulders at our 9000′ msl LZ with a 1 mph headwind.

Learning to Hang glide in Australia

Learning to Hang glide on the Gold Coast of Australia with Canungra Sky Sport.

Lightning strike fire. 131 miles FAI / Wilson Creek, Wilber & return 7-28 -18

Great looking day. Sailplane stopped by for a few turns. A couple clouds midway through the flight looked a little big, but nothing to worry about….. until the lightning and thunder! Then a fire started (on a later flight I will show the burned area)
This flight ends up my best FAI of the season. Also max alt for the season 14,441′ – Smoke just got worse the rest of the peak of the season. Thanks for the tow!

Day 1- Mansfield encampment 76 mile FAI -(7-7/18 – L-rd VR) Watch in 4K

Camera bricked on tow, missed my low save after releasing.
The rest of the flight was great! Found a few paragliders on the practice day of the PWC. Great looking day for hang gliding.
Thank you Mia for the tow! Excellent tow meister!!

Launch & Landing 20180908

Pushing 18 MPH at launch so just a couple of steps to get airborne with the big Falcon 4 Tandem. Got to 7,500 MSL in a lucky thermal with a visiting pilot. Top landed 4k MSL Marshall Peak after 1.5 hours of flight.

Good times in the sky this afternoon…

2018.08.15 Crestline Ridge and Andy Jackson Airpark. Landing on experimental UHMW-PE skids.

Greifenburg summer 2018! Yan Disselhorst

Hello ,y name is Yan, I”m 15 years old and I like to share hang gliding with the restof the world. Watch me fly in the mountains!

Contact: yandyael@gmail.com

Fun day at the hill. A few birds stop by for a few turns

Local flight with a few friends and birds

sunny jim ‘Got Roll”?

a short demonstration of roll control in the suprone position.

Hang Gliding 2017

Flying 2017 with good friends.

Mystified 2- proximity / Hang gliding

Very cold, very low cloud base day allowed for some fun a few hundred feet above the hill. Another rare opportunity.


Fun late day flight at out local site

Flying to Tolmin

Adventure flying with Gerolf. A flight in Slovenia trying to stay ahead of bad weather.

A terrible Launch

I had a scary launch. Left wing flies but right wing does not. Pilot notes and comments start about half way into video. Also photo of suspected cause.

I posted the video as a reminder to pilots that when something looks wrong during as preflight check, it just might be wrong.

I could not find a reason for the issues and decided they were explained by other benign reasons…. until the next flight a week later.

Monte Cucco 2016

A short clip about my 3 favorite sites in Umbria / Italy.

Aerobatics: Dreams Realized

Looping, spinning and rolling my T2C at variety of norcal flying sites.

Tethered to Marshall Peak – 20170630 F4 170

Light winds and a low inversion layer, not as hot as it’s been. It all added up to small thermals bumping against the inversion layer 500 feet above the peak. Had to bank hard and push out to stay in the little rodeo cores. Got 500 feet below launch once, briefly. Test flying a Wills Wing Falcon 4 170. Nobody else was flying so I didn’t want to land in the valley and try to cadge for a ride up to get my truck. Thus I didn’t venture very far from the peak.

Beautiful snowy speed run

Zipping down a snow covered ski slope in a hang glider. Now thats hard to beat.

Flying with the Eagles in Oz

To share the air with these animals is something straight out of childhood dreams… but to interact with them, to play in the air together, that’s really something else — its difficult to describe. What a privilege!

Flying high over snowy mountains with a GoPro


A flight from Nova Gorica to snow mountains

Hang Glider flies fly through the Wilson Arch


Join Zac Majors and the Rhythm of Flight team as they thread a needle and fly through the Wilson Arch outside Moab, Utah. Filmed by Max Seigal. Shot 100% on the HERO4® camera from GoPro

Freestyle Hang Gliding with water skimming


Flo Orley takes us with him on board his specially tuned hang glider near Chamonix in the Alps, where we join him for high speed maneuvers, high above the ground. With the glider cutting through the air as fast as 150 km/h, man’s dream of flying has never been so close.

Enjoy the breathtaking views and video camera angles, let them whisk you away into a dream for a few minutes, knowing that the sky has no limits…

Director: Matthias Mayr
Producer: Flo Orley
Athletes: Flo Orley

Redbull – Hang Glider touches down on sailplane


World class hang-glider pilot, Matjaž Klemenčič, is known for breathtaking aerobatics and some of the most impressive hang glider flights ever taken. The 30 year old Slovenian decided to take it a step further by executing a touch-and-go landing on the wing of a sail plane, flying side-by-side over the Soča river in Slovenia.