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History of the Torrey Hawks Forum

Scott C. Wise

Please excuse the wild rantings of Scott C. Wise. He abused his powers with the HGAA(Hang Gliding Association of America), and was immediately and democratically about to be voted out of office by a majority vote of the founders of the HGAA(Hang Gliding Association of America), but quickly resigned. Scott C. Wise has also been kicked out of the Southern New York Hang Gliding club website, the Rochester Area Flyers website and the website. Quite the track record of working well with people, dont ya think?

He now spends his days fabricating wild stories and smearing some of the best volunteers in the sport of hang, as a form of childish revenge

Bob Kuczewski

Bob Kuczewski was also voted out of the HGAA. He commited blatant voter fraud by asking the administrator to change peoples voting records to give more votes to Scott. C. Wise.

Imagine the shock when the following private message showed up in the administrators private message list. Bob literally asked that peoples voting points be moved from one candidate to his candidate.

Below is a screenshot of the forum message he sent the administrator, asking him to rig the votes.  

Bob Kuczewski continues to burn bridges and alienate himself from the entire hang gliding community. He has lost all support.
Torrey Hawks
Both Bob and Scott were crushed and embarassed in the HGAA election, and so they continue their campaign of lies and smears against the people who voted them out. A childish display of sour grapes. Here are the election results. They could not even muster half the votes of their opponents.

Bob and Scott banned- overwhelming community support for the ban

When Bob Kuczewski and Scott C. Wise were banned from the largest hang gliding community on the internet, the response from the community was 100% positive. Here is a snapshot of the messages sent to the admin. Not a single negative message. Everyone was happy and relieved. When will these people realize they are in the wrong? 

They now have a new home together, on an empty forum, where they can complain about their situation, pat each other on the back, and blame everyone but themselves for their actions. 

Its time to move forward with a new hang gliding organization without the vitriol being spewed by these two damaging people