HangGliding.Org’s Mission Statement

* To actively promote the sport of HANG GLIDING
* To actively market and position the sport of HG in the recreational/sporting market place
* To actively defend the sport of hang gliding (sites in jeopardy, politics, competing entities…)
* To provide a friendly and positive, approachable community for people interested in the sport of HG
* To provide a friendly community for Hang Glider pilots to hang out and discuss hang gliding
* To provide online resources to potential pilots and hang glider pilots

HangGliding.Org Rules and Policies

* This website is a small private business just like your local coffee shop. Anyone showing a pattern of abuse or harassment that would cause them to be thrown out of their local coffee shop can expect the same treatment here.
* KEEP IT CIVIL. Attacking other members, or covert implied attacks are NOT allowed. No harassing or stalking other members. Inflammatory posts are not allowed. This includes “photoshopping” member pictures in a negative way. Threads that start to spin out of control, will be LOCKED. If you wish to cry censorship because a thread is locked when people start acting like children, take it to another forum, change the channel, but this is not your government funded public property, this is a private business, and unruly customers will be removed.
* Dont spam the forum. No advertising on this site. Ask SG for permission first.
* No classifieds in the forums – they go on the classifieds section.
* When posting, think about non-HG pilots who come to visit the site every day. Please put your best foot forward and showcase the fun adventurous atmosphere we experience every day in the landing zone after a great flight
* No aliases. One account per person. No fake email addresses.
* No PORN. It is against my server companies policies and there are plenty of other websites for that stuff. If you couldn’t show it on TV, don’t post it here.
* No posts or links about Bob Kuczewski, Scott C Wise, Tad Eareckson and related people, or their material. ALL SUCH POSTS WILL BE IMMEDIATELY DELETED. These people are poison to this sport and are permanently banned from this site in every possible way imaginable. They have been banned over and over again by multiple sites and organizations. Bob Kuczewski holds the title as the only regional directory to be forcibly REMOVED from office by the United States Hanggliding Paragliding Association. Avoid at all costs. Bob Kuczewski even requested that I change people votes during an election in a newly formed hang gliding organization. The man has no integrity and spends his days smearing people on the internet.
* No proxying for banned members in any way.