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Just Hang Gliding
Hang gliding general Posts Topics

All things hang gliding. This is the main forum. New users, introduce yourself.
  non-flying day use for wind streamers
  Quantifible information. Will we ever see it?
  Kali Shiva HG Helmet
  January in Florida
  Parachute repackig
  163 Mile Hang Glider Flight From King to Anaconda
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Hang gliding Videos Posts Topics

Post your videos as file attachments here. One video per topic please!
  9-10-16 Inklers
  Live Bald Eagle nest cam
  Smooth Sailing Sunday - Black Friday Special
  Video: the flying year of 2016
  9-24-16 Tekoa WA to Moscow ID / T2C
  7-13-16 Tekoa / T2C- 25 mile FAI
  The 2017 Summernats Welcoming Committee
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Q&A, Learning to hang glide Posts Topics

Interested in hang gliding? Currently learning to hang glide? Post your questions here. This forum is open to unregistered users
  Sub-Par Launches, Back to Training
  Hanggliding lessons India
  skydive as part of hang gliding training?
  Mylar Insert Crease Repair
  XC out-landing hazards?
  Wheels for litestream control bar
  Fresno CA. Pilots, I need your help.
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Flying Stories + Flight Reports Posts Topics

Post your flying stories and flight reports here. Make sure to attach pictures if you got em!
  Bali Indonesia "Fun Fly"
  Attention John Stokes...
  My hang gliding photos 2016
  Meaning of Bali.
  Tennessee Tree Toppers TC 2016
  Jonny's on his way!
  sky camping
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HangGliding.Org Events Posts Topics

Announce and track hang gliding events
  Hang gliding competition in Colombia
  Midwest Hang-Gliding Championships
  COLORADO FLY WEEK 2016 - New News!
  AZHPA presents the 2016 Mingus Mountain Labor Day Fly-In
  Free Antique glider and free harness
  Fort Funston Air Races & BBQ - Aug 7th 2016
  Why I went bi-wingual
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Growing the Sport of HG Posts Topics

This forum is dedicated to discussions on how to grow the sport of hang gliding. We will take a methodical approach to collect data and come up with implementable ideas on how to increase our numbers. This includes effective marketing, lead generation, site access issues, improving regulations, lack of instructors, lack of sites, etc
  Hang gliding in Iran
  Cutting Weight
  Falling numbers of HGs
  The Retention Issue as an Instruction Gap
  Portable handgliders???
  flytec element and 7030
  Should we go back to our roots?
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Incident Reports Posts Topics

Report hang gliding incidents and mishaps. Include Date, Site Location, Pilot Rating, Wing Type, Conditions
  Santa Rescue!
  Towing link break whip stall & recovery
  Long glide out to no where....
  Cross controlling bad approach & crash on a topless.
  injury Santa Barbara CA.
  Fatal HG crash in Tres Pinos CA 4-3-2016
  Tandem Accident Europe
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Foot Launched Powered Hang Gliding Posts Topics

All FLPHG stuff goes here
  eHG :: electric-assisted FLPHG :: eHG
  skylift 3000
  Which rigid?
  flphg prop hub
  solar wings booster
  Looking into buying an X1...
  Someday I will return to . . . . . . . .
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The camp fire Posts Topics

Funny/Friendly Off topic discussion. Fail this test and threads will be migrated to Way Off Topic.
  And the weather here ain't so hot, neither!
  The economy stinks!
  East Coast Blizzard
  Pushing Up Against the Limits An incredible story
  NORAD tracks Santa
  We Made It Through the Election Without Any Political Posts!
  Authagraph World Map
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Software, Research & Technology Posts Topics

All techie stuff here
  Warping wings on regular aircraft [U-Tube Video]
  New helmet tech . . .
  iSoar - Mac native igc analysing and planning software
  Books for sale
  Dial 112 on Mobile Phones for Emergency System Calls
  Proving Prandtl- With A Twist! FROM 2013
  upgrade windows?
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Way Off Topic Posts Topics

World politics, and other not so funny/friendly stuff that doesnt qualify in the camp fire go here. This forum wont show on the front page.
  Selling Impuls 17 begginer HG for 750Eur
  I need 5 posts to post a add
  required min 5 pre posts :)
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News and stuff
Front page news Posts Topics

Discuss the news that appears on the front page of this website. NOTE: New threads may only be created by the admin in this forum.
  Cache reconfigured - please report Bugs
  Triple shooting at Fort Funston. HG pilots shot.
  Cool Dune Gooning Video
  9/15 NEW Aviation quotes
  7/19/06's first video
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Blog News Posts Topics

Blog posts automatically found on the internet.
  Buy Quality Fake and Real Passports,ID cards,Drivers license
  WTS: Apple Iphone 5, BB Porsche design, Samsung Galaxy Note
  Rio Trailer | Lookout Mountain Hang Gliding
  Movie Trailers – Rio – Clip – Hang Glider – watch
  Chelle Belle: Yes, I'm Going Hang Gliding
  Man dies after Peak District hang glider crash - Web Design
  FAI – Hang Gliding & Paragliding Commission 2011 Annua
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Polls Posts Topics

Polling threads
  When did you learn to fly HGs? XC Camp Fly-In / Cross Country Clinic Week
  Free flight forever fund - POLL
  Top, Middle or Bottom of hook in weight?
  Complete virgin noob in Northern NJ
  Vario Placement Poll & Discussion
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Bug reports and requests Posts Topics

Post bugs here. Request any new web site functionality here as well.
  Bury Bug
  Annoying message
  Cannot upload photos to gallery
  WIKI is down - now UP
  Thumbs up not working today?
  Forum Search not working for me
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The Basement Posts Topics

All topics the user community has voted to take off the front page are moved here. Click on the "BURY this topic" link at the top of each topic to vote to bury a topic and take it off the front page.
  Senior Poster Syndrome
  Things that make you laugh your ass off
  Climate Change
  dragon -test
  Unintended consequences
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